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Elegant Decor is specialist in customised wallpapers since 2006. Wallpaper is the most ideal way to decor your wall which is preferred across the globe. It is the quickest, most convenient and hassle-free way to cover your walls. 70% homes and offices worldwide are attired with Wallpapers. Offering you a perfect blend of both Indian tradition richness as well as western stylishness, Elegant Decor will help to bring your imagination into reality as we believe happiness is home-made.We offer an exclusive 3D wallpapers for walls in home and offices.

We at Elegant decor are taking a spanking new approach to wallpaper for giving you a variety of option to choose from that will assist you with making a space that is one of a kind and personal to you. It allows clients to customize wallpaper for walls so they are not limited in their home decor imaginations. Morally source the most excellent papers, we guarantee to offer you a distinctive print with extraordinary definition. Our papers are durable and easy to install.

A room can be wallpaper covered within a day frame. An office can be done over a weekend depending on the area, a hotel room within the check out and check in time of visitors and so on. Thus, there is no loss of income. In addition, Wallpaper application includes no-mess and no-odour. It is quick, suitable and trouble free. So what are waiting for? Contact us now!

Exclusive wallpapers for walls

WHY Wallpaper?


Wallpapers is the fastest, most convenient, durable and hassle free wall decoration product across the globe. The most preferred wall finish world over.


Dust and dirt accumulated on a painted wall. Wallpapers are made from vinyl coated with plastic; making them naturally colourfast and washable.


Lead is contained in paints, when paints wear off lead-flake leakage can be hazardous to health. Wallpapers have '0' lead and hence are truly safe.


Wallpapers do not emit aerosols like paints. The colour pigments are also water based. Besides, it is recyclable, thereby optimising varied natural resources.

Exclusive Wallpaper for Walls

Are you looking to add a little something special to your walls? Then you need to check out these Exclusive Wallpapers for Walls! Wallpapers are a unique and creative way to spice up any living space, transforming it from plain to chic with ease. With a variety of designs and patterns available, you can find the perfect wallpaper to match your décor and style. We will explore some of the best exclusive wallpapers for walls that you can find on the market today.

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wallpapers for walls in mumbai
exclusive wallpapers for walls in mumbai
exclusive wallpapers for walls
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designer wallpaper for walls in mumbai
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premium wallpaper for wall in mumbai
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